Science of complex biological systems

Aaron N. Brooks / PhD


Postdoc @ EMBL

Steinmetz group, Genome Biology Unit

I am developing machine learning approaches that leverage high-throughput multi-"omic" longitudinal profiling to understand how genetic variation influences aging.

EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellow (EIPOD), June 2016

More Heidelberg, Germany | April 2015 - Now

PhD @ ISB and UW

Baliga lab, Institute for Systems Biology

I inferred systems-scale gene regulatory networks for two microorganisms directly from gene expression data, discovering condition-specific co-regulated modules.

DOE Office of Science Graduate Research Fellow

More Seattle, WA | 2008 - 2014


David Bear lab, Cell Biology and Physiology

I studied oligomerization of the poly(A) binding protein on mRNA poly(A) tails by transmission electron microscopy.

Terran Lane group, Computer Science

I investigated the role of combinatorial miRNA interactions in enhancing miRNA specificity.

Goldwater Scholar

More Albuquerque, NM | 2002 - 2007